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Hear, you bishops! The game is over! Stop calling yourselves „Christian“!

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The Catholic Church should no longer call itself Christian!

The Catholic Church Should No Longer Call Itself Christian! What would Jesus of Nazareth say if He returned to earth and saw what the churches have made of His life’s work? The Vatican – The Greatest Warmonger Jesus taught love of enemy and non-violence: “The one who takes up the sword will perish by the sword.” (Mat. 26:52) However, as absolute monarchDSCF1261-1 of the church state, the pope in Rome has often waged war, himself, and participated in civil wars. The popes have always instigated and supported wars, even inciting entire nations to war against each other – for instance, the Byzantines against the Ostrogoths, the Franks against the Lombards, the Normans against the Staufers and vice versa. During the 17th century, the Vatican inflamed the 30-years war in Germany, and in 1914, the Vatican ambassador in Vienna turned the Habsburgs against the Serbs during the First World War. Crucifixes, hand gernades and pistols: Symbols of the fascist-Catholic Ustascha, that murdered hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Serbs between 1941 and 1943 Catholic military chaplains on both sides of the front always sent the soldiers into battle with “God’s blessing.” The Vatican supported all fascist and right-wing dictators in Europe and Latin America. Catholic clergy were significantly involved in the genocide committed by the Croatian fascists against the Orthodox Serbs during 1941-43, in the bloody cleansings that took place in Argentina during 1976-83, and in the genocide committed by the Hutus against the Tutsis in Ruanda in 1994. During the Gulf War in 1991, Pope John Paul II said: “We are not pacifists.” (Abendzeitung München – Feb. 18, 1991) And in 1995, he called for a “just war” in Bosnia. (Abendzeitung München – July 24, 1995). And as Cardinal Ratzinger, a few months before his election, the present pope rejected pacifism as being “un-Christian” (Radio Vatican, Nov. 23, 2004). This means that he rejects Christ, doesn’t it? Intolerance Instead of Love for Neighbor Jesus called all people to brotherliness and respect for one another’s free will. But the Church instead spilled a lot of blood persecuting dissenters over and over again. From the Markionites to the Cathars and Bogumiles, to the Waldensers and Anabaptists, it exterminated all movements that linked up with original Christianity. It stirred up the pogroms against the Jews, initiated the Inquisition and inflamed the witch hunts. It spread church doctrine with fire and sword, thus having on its conscience the genocide of the South American Indians and the ransacking of an entire continent. Spanish soldiers hung 13 Indians for „the glorification of Jesus and the twelve apostles.“ in such a way that their feet just barely touched the woodpile. As the wood burned, the rope slowly tightened. Even today, the Vatican is still persecuting religious minorities everywhere its arm can reach. The Wealth of the Church Is Based on Blood Money Jesus lived modestly and taught that man should not “lay up ….. treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume…” Over many centuries, the Church has amassed immense wealth, by plundering the population, mercilessly collecting tithes, enriching itself on the victims of the Inquisition and witch hunts, falsifying documents, practicing legacy-hunting and ensuring itself state subsidies and tax exemptions, which in many countries are still valid today. What good the Church does in the world is never financed with its huge assets, but exclusively with the donations of the faithful and state subsidies. At an execution, the victims of the Inquisition were shown the crucifix. After that, the Church raked in a large part of the wealth of the one murdered in this way. 20 tons of gold stolen from the Indians decorate this altar in Sevilla, Spain. The Pope – the Father of Evil Jesus taught the God of love, who loves all His children equally and undertakes everything possible to have them with Him again. He did not teach eternal hell. However, right up until today, the Church spreads the pagan concept of a punishing God, who punishes those who do not follow the caste of priests with eternal damnation. Through this, countless people are filled with anxiety and dread until today, undermined in their mental health and alienated from God. This is a sin against the Holy Spirit, as are the untold sexual crimes committed year after year by the priests against children and youth. Abuse of the Name of Jesus by the False Father in Rome Jesus was a simple, modest person, who honored God in everything. At all times, His alleged followers have surrounded themselves with every imaginable kind of pageantry and pomp for which the people have had to bleed. They cultivated a personality cult The alleged representatives of Christ still had themselves carried about in a sedan chair during the 20th century, escorted with peacock feathers like the Egyptian pharoahs, Jesus abhorred any manner of personality cults. and had themselves revered as “Holy Father,” although Jesus said: “And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven.” (Mt. 23:9) In the Lord’s Prayer, we address this Father simply as “Father,” but his alleged representative on earth, we should address with “Your Holiness.” Is the high priest of the Roman Church in pagan robes something more than God? Abuse of Jesus by the God of Rome Jesus neither appointed priests nor established a church. He gave the people an understanding of the inner religion of the heart, for: “The Kingdom of God is within, in you!” The Church, Honoring the bones of those long deceased is a pagan cult of the dead. however, turned the positive onset of Early Christianity into the outright opposite of what Jesus wanted: a hierarchically organized church of priests with rituals, vessels, robes and customs, all of which can be verified as having stemmed from paganism. The Church tied and ties people to these external pagan rituals, such as the worship of saints, pilgrimages, the ritualistic celebration of mass, holy water and sacramental ceremonies, thus rendering them captives of an externalized religion. Rome – the Apparatus of Discrimination Against Jesus Jesus always championed the oppressed: women, slaves, outsiders, including the animals and God’s creation. Ever since its emergence, the Church has oppressed women. For centuries, priests and monks kept “church slaves,” who were not allowed to be set free. This book gives many explanations about the ecclesiastical roots behind the torture of animals that takes place today on a massive scale. The Church has always sided with the mighty and rich and justified social differences. The individuals who do not act like this serve merely as a welcome alibi, clouding the facts. The Church also denied a soul to animals, thus, causing the million-fold ill-treatment and torment of animals in animal experiments, factory farming and hunting, as well as the unlimited and brutal exploitation of nature all over the earth. Despite all these clear contradictions, the Church still calls itself “Christian.” We no longer wish to acquiesce with such flagrant hypocrisy. This product has nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth. Let’s Have an End to this Product Piracy of the Church! We are free Christians, who advocate the Christ of the Sermon on the Mount. We feel linked with Christ and committed to Him, who as Jesus of Nazareth lived among us and who conveys His pure teaching to us again today, through the prophetic word. No one has to share this faith – because like our role model, Jesus, we respect the free will of every one of our fellow men. But whoever calls himself “Christian” should not constantly do the opposite of what Jesus, the great freedom teacher, wanted and taught. Imagine the following: One of your ancestors developed a unique product of highest quality and introduced it on the market. At first, this product enjoyed great esteem among the consumers and was highly valued. But then, along came a product-pirate who produced an inferior product under the name of your ancestor. Although it carries the same name, the product is worthless; it even harms people after short use. How would you react? Would you simply look on – or would you try to point out the deception, the product piracy, to your fellow men and warn them? This is why we are carrying out this signature campaign. You do not tie yourself to anything or any one. We merely ask you: Join us in making this deception known to the public! Join us in warning your fellowman! Join us in demanding that the Church call itself “Roman Catholic” but to drop the term “Christian”!

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